Asami at a CD Signing, July 29th


*stays lowkey just to avoid ice bucket challenge nominations*

Asami being cute at Manchester Pride

Neon Jungle at Manchester Pride


makes a friend :) finds out they’re a republican :(

Asami Zdrenka at Fusion Festival


*closely follows the recovery of Amanda Bynes and Kesha and waits for them to take fucking Hollywood by storm and shit on the sexist, ableist, and prejudice media*

mindykalingWaiting for people to show up to my party. All alone except @sprinklescupcakes


i never answer my asks (i’m sorry!) but i got a few asking me about makeup products, so i’m just gonna answer them through this post. below are the makeup products i use and quite like:

(this starts strong and ends pathetically, it took a lot of time ok i’m sorry)

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